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Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki

A full-service pharmacy in Vaasa

A modern pharmacy, with long traditions

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki is a full-service pharmacy which has been designed to meet the needs of modern medical care. The professional staff, the versatile product range and the experience of traditional manufacturing of medicine guarantee a satisfied customer base. We are centrally located in the middle of Vaasa, with good parking facilities. We also offer people with reduced mobility easy access to our premises.

Competence in manufacturing of medicine

Our pharmacy has special competence in manufacturing of medicine. Our own product range includes the cough medicine Kyrkopect. Learn more about our pharmaceuticals!

Versatile products for self-care

Many minor diseases and injuries can be treated using prescription-free pharmaceuticals for self-care. With these pharmaceuticals you can relieve your symptoms to help ease your everyday life. Before choosing a self-care medicine or self-care product, you need to know what causes your symptoms. Ask us for advice regarding proper medication or about which products to use. Read more about self-care medicine!

Pharmacy services in multiple languages

We serve our customers in fluent Finnish, Swedish and English. Our experienced staff is bilingual, so you will get service in your native language.

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki aims to offer their customers a better pharmacy service. You can also conveniently, and throughout Finland, order our products from the internet pharmacy. Welcome to our pharmacy!

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Contact Information

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9
06 319 6400
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9, Vaasa

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Tutkimuksen perusteella ehkäisypillereitä käyttävien riski sairastua munasarja- tai kohdunkaulasyöpään pieneni tasaisesti mitä pitempään pillereiden käyttö oli jatkunut.
Tutkimuksen perusteella ASA-lääkkeitä vähintään kerran viikossa käyttävän riski sairastua mahasyöpään oli 70 prosenttia pienempi kuin potilaan, joka ei käyttänyt ASA-lääkkeitä.
Kohonneen verenpaineen diagnoosi perustuu useana eri päivänä tehtyjen mittausten keskiarvoihin.