Pharmacy cosmetics

Quality products for skincare

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki offers a wide range of high-quality pharmacy cosmetics. The pharmacy's skin care and cosmetic products are safe for all skin types.

Skin care is also a part of self-care. That is why our pharmacy has several skin care products developed by various pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics series for pharmacies. Here you will find a range of cosmetics from moisturizing creams to series of mineral make-up.

Our cosmetologist advises on the selection of products
In our pharmacy, it is possible to get assistance from our cosmetologist with special education in cosmetics. When you need help with skin problems or need advice, you can, besides from our pharmacists, get assistance from our cosmetologist.

Prevention of skin-problems

You should take good care of your skin even before problems arise. Many Finns suffer from dry skin. Dryness of the skin manifests as coarse, scaly skin that easily gets wounds. Dryness is most common on the legs, hands and arms.

In Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki you find products for safe skin care. Welcome to familiarize yourself with our selection!


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