Smooth pharmacy services in Vaasa

Use our services easily, quickly and conveniently

The professional and competent staff at Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki guide and serve customers in all matters concerning the pharmacy's products and services. Our staff is bilingual and service is given in the customer's own native language and most of us speak also fluent English. It is convenient to visit our premises, as in Vaasa there are plenty of parking spaces in connection with our pharmacy. Welcome to enjoy a better pharmacy service!

Direct delivery of prescriptions

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki is a modern direct delivery pharmacy, with a design which has taken into account families with children and persons with reduced mobility. Delivery of prescription medicine is by direct delivery. For the customer, it means an undisturbed service situation, where sensitive matters are handled discreetly.

Doing business at our pharmacy is easy, quick and convenient. To speed up the service, the cashier has been placed at the exit, allowing small purchases to take place quickly. The products in our self-care department are located in product groups and it is easy to compare the products.

An easily accessible pharmacy

Our pharmacy access and premises have been designed to take into account customer comfort and unrestricted mobility as follows:

  • Wide stairs and a ramp for persons with reduced mobility and for children’s prams
  • Automatic doors for easy passage
  • Service booths to protect personal integrity
  • Air conditioning and cooling
  • Expert advice regarding prescription and self-care products
  • Plenty of parking spaces

Expert medical advice

Medical advice is an important part of modern pharmacy service. We act as medical specialists in all matters concerning the use of pharmaceuticals and answer questions from private customers, the media and the authorities. We use computer programs to check the compatibility of your medicine and, if necessary, change it in cooperation with your treating physician.

Dosage delivery for prescription medicines

Our pharmacy offers delivery service, that is, a dosage bag for customers in nursing homes and in home care. Private customers can also make use of the dosage service.

Contact Information

Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9
06 319 6400
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9, Vaasa


The history of Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki

At the beginning of the 20th century, Vaasa's two pharmacies were considered insufficient for the needs of a growing city. According to the Senate's order, the Medical Board had to draw up a plan for locations of new pharmacies. In 1901, the Medical Board sent a letter to the Vaasa County Governor, in which establishing a third pharmacy in Vaasa was proposed.

Following disputes regarding the location of many pharmacies, the Emperor's Finnish Senate decided that Vaasa's third pharmacy was to be located in the Brändö part of Vaasa. Out of eight applicants, pharmacist Oskar Agabus Norderg was finally elected, and opened the pharmacy in 1903.

The move

In 1920, pharmacist Max Nyman moved the pharmacy to the new address Kirkkoesplanadi 11. Pharmacist Axel Wikman took over the pharmacy in 1940. He was allowed to move the pharmacy to Kirkkoesplanadi 21/Hovioikeudenpuistikko 9. On the other side of the street was the Vaasa church, so it was natural that the pharmacy was named Kirkkoapteekki, the church pharmacy.

The duty system is born

Pharmacies must be open 24 hours a day. The owners of the pharmacy in Vaasa, pharmacist Eric Brander, Max Nyman and Uno Holming, sent a letter to the Medical Board on May 20th, 1938, requesting that the pharmacy in Vaasa should alternate on Sundays and Holidays. Two pharmacies could be held closed at night between 19-9 and on Sundays and public holidays at 19-10. The application was approved on June 7th, 1938 and the duty system was implemented on July 2nd, 1938.

A growing business

The new location and the successful efforts meant increased business for the pharmacy. By the end of the 1940s the pharmacy already had 8-9 employees. Connections abroad had improved and the selection of pharmaceuticals grew.

When the pharmacy's operations increased and sales grew, there was a need for more staff. Since 1975, the number of employees has been 17-18. In the mid-1980s, Kirkkoapteekki acquired its first computers, for handling prescriptions and invoicing.

Today, the pharmacy is a so-called direct delivery pharmacy, where customers receive individual services from the same pharmacy from start to finish. Operations are significantly more customer oriented, and all customer groups have been taken into account. In 2011, Kirkkoapteekki introduced the ePrescription, ie. ability to deliver prescriptions in electronic form.

More about the pharmacy’s history can be read in its 100-year history publication, published in 2003.

Source: Pentti Rossi (2003), Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki 100 years.

The pharmacists of Vaasan Kirkkoapteekki

Oskar Agabus Norberg
25.8.1903 - 5.5.1908

Herman William Hjelt
16.5.1908 - 31.10.1919

Max Theodor Nyman
1.11.1919 - 25.9.1939

Axel Frederik Emil Wikman
22.7.1940 - 25.3.1963

Karl Hjörvard Torstensson Ström
1.1.1964 - 9.8.1999

Juha Paavo Nuutila
9.1.2001 - 2.5.2017

Pekka Sakari Paananen
3.5.2017 -