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Vaasa Kirkkoapteekki’s staff is specialized in self-care, which purpose is to improve the customer's quality of life. Therefore we want to use all our information for the benefit of our customers. Welcome to ask questions and hear more about our pharmacy in the center of Vaasa!

What are self-care pharmaceuticals?

Self-care is a concept that covers what people do to recover from illness, relieve symptoms or promote health. Self-care is part of maintaining good health, and it includes independent use of pharmaceuticals. Self-care is recommended in cases where contact with a physician is not considered necessary.

When is self-care recommended?

Self-care and use of self-care pharmaceuticals are recommended for minor, temporary symptoms. If symptoms are not improved or alleviated within a relatively short period of time, it is reasonable to suspect the wrong choice of treatment or incorrect use of the self-care pharmaceutical. In this case the patient should be referred to a physician.

Self-care and counseling in connection with self-care pharmaceuticals is the core business of the pharmacy. In self-care, counseling begins with ensuring that the pharmaceutical is properly selected for the symptom.

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